CWK Plates - The Journey To Healthy Hair

CWK Plates

Get smooth, straight and shiny hairfaster and easier without heat damage through the CWK Plates for curly, wavy and kinky hair!

What is the purpose of the CWK Plate?

Are you a naturalista considering taking a foray into the world of straight hair for a while but worried about the potential to damage your tresses with heat? Do you straighten your hair often with heat appliances and are starting to see some wear and tear? Are you after a blown out look without the use of a blow dryer? Are you tired of spending hours in rollers waiting for your locks to dry?

 Look no further than the CWK Plates – an innovative invention that helps to achieve straight/blown out looks without the use of a flat iron, blow dryers and/or other straightening devices. The plates are easy to install and work with any length of hair. They are available in small, medium and large starter and individual packs, and ship worldwide. The plates are suitable for curly, wavy and kinky haired ladies.



How does the CWK Plate work?   

Wash and condition hair as usual, apply your leave in products, then start sectioning hair into small parts. Finger comb or brush, pull the section downwards firmly, lay flat between the plates and snap shut. No fuss! The smaller the sections, the faster the hair dries.

 Why do the CWK Plates ROCK? 

  • Simple, attractive and lightweight design.

  • Easy to use. Just snap the plates on.

  • Ventilated design means faster drying time.

  • Results lasts for up to two weeks.

  • Easy to clean and store.

  • CWK plates are sturdy and can last for years.


What do the CWK Plates look like?

 The plates are made out of hard plastic and vary in sizes of 2 x 1ins, 2 x 6ins and 2 x 10ins. It also comes in funky colors – black, pink and purple.





These plates are a perfect
AIR DRYING tool and they are also safe to use under a hooded dryer if you need to expedite the drying time.”